Things to do in and around Kuruman

Upcoming Events:


Desperados Bikers Rally – 28 + 29 February 2023


Iniskuur (Dance Event) – 14 + 15 February 2023


Back to the Hood Festival – 28 March 2023


The Eye of Kuruman

The Eye of Kuruman has been a critical part of the town since its beginning. This natural spring in the heart of the town gushes forth 20 million liters of crystal clear water every day, even in the dry season. The Tswana name for the fountain is Ga-Segonyana, which means small water calabash with bubbling water. According to available information The Eye is the biggest natural fountain in the Southern Hemisphere.

Boesmansgat Sinkhole

A natural wonder of the Northern Cape Province, the Boesmansgat is sure to wow on lookers. It consists of a vertical cave that is acclaimed for being the sixth deepest submerged cave in the world.


Moffat Mission

An escape into the tranquil gardens and historical buildings shaded by ancient trees is a sublime experience. The mission exudes an eclectic mix of traditional African and colonial, old and new, and is popular with local and international visitors.


Wonderwerk Cave

Wonderwerk means “miracle” in the Afrikaans language, and the 139 metre deep Wonderwerk Cave is an archaeological site formed in the dolomite rocks of the Kuruman Hills. It was declared a national heritage site in 1993 and is managed by the Mc Gregor Museum.